Terms & Conditions

All Entrants are advised to read the terms and conditions carefully. In respect of Spitfire Flights there are important safety notices to understand detailed on this page.

Terms and Conditions

The following Terms & Conditions shall apply for Raffle and Lottery Entries

Help4others Limited is a not for profit company (Company Number 12653273 registered in England): Registered office: Help4others Limited, Trinder House, Bishops Waltham, Southampton, Hampshire, SO32 1EE.
Help4others Limited organises and manages various fundraising projects and schemes, including raffles and lottery draws in support of registered charities and other good causes as agreed by its members.

1. Qualifying Parties
The qualifying parties to each fundraising ‘Raffle’ or ‘Lottery’ shall be Help4others Limited hereinafter called ‘Promoter’ and Raffle or Lottery Entrant (‘Entrant’ or ‘you’).

2. Transactions, Ticket Purchases and Draws
The transaction between Promoter and Entrant shall be called the ‘Draw’. Each Draw will have an agreed prize or prizes as detailed in the schedule of the Draw. To qualify for entry into a Draw, the Entrant must be over 18 years of age and be resident in the United Kingdom.
Successful ticket purchases shall entitle the Entrant to enter the specific Draw selected for which they will receive a uniquely numbered ticket which will be entered automatically by the Promoter into the Draw. Tickets are not transferrable to another person.
Each Draw will be run on either up to and the completion of a set number of tickets sales being reached or a set completion date.

3. Extensions to Draws
To facilitate the best results for our fundraising projects for good causes, it may in certain circumstances be necessary to extend the period of ticket sales. This would be where insufficient ticket sales are reached either in number or by the scheduled completion date and this is known as a rollover extension. There will be a maximum of four extensions permitted by the Promoter. Extensions will be notified to all ticket holders via email. If the ticket sales fall short of the target after the extension periods are used, then the promoter reserves the right to offer the winner an alternative prize equal in ratio to the targeted prize fund value being 70%

4. The Draws
Draws will carried out by a Trustee or Member of Help4others and an independent Adjudicator using a Random Number Picker.

5. Winners
Winners will be notified by phone and email using the details provided on ticket purchase. Upon satisfactory checking of the winning ticket holders identity and proof of age, the winner will then be issued with a paid voucher from the supplier of the prize whereupon fulfilment of the prize will be subject to the ‘conditions of sale and use’ of the supplier in respect of each prize awarded.
Winners will be asked to agree for their details be used for promotional purposes of the Promoter including the use of photography and videography. Such promotional uses to include website, social media and Press Releases arranged by the Promoter for the promotion of the Promoters business and or the good causes and charities which it is supporting.

6. Prizes
The Promoter takes every care to ensure the prizes are accurately described and in the case of being provided by third party suppliers, that such suppliers are of reputable source and reputation. If chosen suppliers for whatever reason are unable to provide the prize as described, the promoter will attempt to source an alternative prize which meets the same criteria as the original prize. In any event of any changes in legislation or operational regulations governing our selected prizes which prevent the original prize being awarded an alternative will be offered to the winning ticket holder.

7. Unclaimed Prizes
The Promoter will attempt to contact winners by phone and email using the details provided at the time of ticket sale. If no contact is made to the ticket holder, the Promoter will make further recorded attempts. If the winner remains uncontactable after a period of 90 days, then the Draw will be re-run to enable the prize to be awarded.

8. Limits of Liability
The Prizes are provided by Third Parties and the Promoter makes or gives no representations and/or warranties and or assurances of whatever nature as to the quality, suitability and or fitness for any particular purpose of any of the goods or services advertised, offered and or provided as Prizes, except for liability caused by the negligence of the Promoter and or for any fraudulent misrepresentations and or for any events and or circumstances to the extent that they cannot be excluded or limited by law. The Promoter shall not be liable for any loss suffered or sustained to person or property including, but not limited to, consequential (including economic) loss by reason of any act or omission by the Promoter, or its servants or agents, in connection with the arrangement for supply, or the supply, of any goods by any person to the Prize Winner(s) and, where applicable, to any family or persons accompanying the Winner(s), or in connection with any of the Raffles or Lotteries promoted by the Promoter.
The Promoter shall not be liable for any economic and or other loss and or consequential loss suffered or sustained to any persons to whom an award has been incorrectly made, and no compensation shall be due to such persons.
The total maximum aggregate liability of the Promoter to each Winner shall be limited to the total value of each Prize that has been won by the relevant Winner.
The total maximum aggregate liability of the Promoter to you shall (if you are not a Winner) be limited to the amount that you have paid to enter Raffles or Lotteries in the first 12 months. 
Nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall prevent you making claims to the extent that you are exercising your statutory rights.

9. Communications
The Promoter shall not be responsible for any failure whatsoever in respect electronic communications, for computers, email, website, telephone or Internet services due to faults, over congestion or unauthorised or malicious acts. Only the data recorded by the Promoter and associated ticket generation and payment gateway shall be deemed to be accurate in respect of Raffles and Lotteries.
Payment Gateways and On-Line Merchant Accounts will require the Entrants personal details and bank data, which will only be stored to provide the requirement needed to administer the Raffle and Lottery process.
The promoter shall not be liable for any unauthorised use of a payment card which may result in a chargeback against the Entrants account.

Spitfire Risk Information

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These safety notices and requirements form part of our standard terms and conditions of acceptance.Please read them carefully. If you have any questions please contact us for advice and clarification. Our phone number 08000 886 500

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