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We are fortunate to have made some great friends and business contacts over the years, an increasing number whom are  becoming supporters of our projects.

“Developing our capacity for compassion makes it possible for us to help others in a more skillful and effective way. Compassion helps us all as well.”

– Joan Halifax

When we feel strong and well, it is easy to forget about our own frailties and also the misfortunes, troubles, and sicknesses of others. We are only as strong as is our compassion for those who are weak. For in strength must come the power of understanding and the wisdom to act with gentleness and kind concern for those who are not able to help themselves. It is in the ability to empathize that we show true insight and in the ability to aid that we show our real gifts. These are the real hallmarks of true compassion and strength.

Our Sponsors & Supporters

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