Our Mission

helping others today

We are a dedicated team who have come together to spend some of our personal time to make a difference to others who need a little help. Using our contacts and individual skills to provide practical support, combined with fundraising events, we aim to make a difference. Approved proceeds of any monetary fundraising events will be held and donated to our dedicated cause which will change for each project we undertake.

Mission Statement

Help4others combines the efforts and abilities of its trustees and wonderful members and corporate supporters for the  benefit of project aims.


Help4others has been created to bring together a collective group working together to help others in a variety of ways. The company society shall be a non-profit making organisation with its accounts audited by a chartered accountant and available publicly.

Corporate Supporters

Corporate Supporters are businesses who provide financial support to the projects or facilities-based support.

 Private Supporters

Private Supporters individual volunteers who provide their help to our projects which are working on at any given time.

Approved Projects

The Help4others runs a variety of projects each year which may be, fundraising, organisational support and direct campaigns in support of registered charities or other good causes as approved by the company.

Prospective projects may be submitted to us for consideration at any time, when the board of Members will meet twice a year for evaluation and consideration of submissions. Projects may be accepted and adopted at the discretion of the Members and implemented within a timetable which best suits the overall management of the Help4Others operations and the beneficiaries involved.

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