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Call: 08000 886 500


Common  Questions

Is Help4others a registered Charity?

No not at the moment. We have for many years supported charities directly with our work. Our aim now move towards registering ourselves as a charity in the near future.

Is Help4others registered to conduct lotteries?

Yes, under the Gambling Act 2005, our license number is SHSL033056

Can i be involved as a volunteer?

Yes of course, we welcome support for our projects and the various roles needed to run and manage Help4others.

Please email or call us.

Do all the profits go to beneficiaries?

Yes they do, like most non-profit making organisations supporting charities, the net proceeds from our fundraising project go directly to the chosen charity or good cause we are working with and this applies to each individual project.


We decide which charities and good causers to support at a meeting of the Trustees twice a year. This allows us to plan the projects which we will be running at least six months ahead.

How do i ask for my charity or good cause to be considered?

Applications for support should be made in writing only and sent via email addressed to the Board of Trustees.
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